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Changing Behaviour in Projects

Behaviour in projects is different because there's an in-built reality check in projects rarely seen in permanent organisations. Projects are essentially promises to delver something within a budget and timeline. And those promises expose everyone involved to the harsh light of reality. Behaviours that could get in the way of meeting those promises need to be dealt with, or there will be consequences.

While there are many sources of unwanted behaviour, such as personality, or thinking style, we focus on the situational sources of poor behaviour and re-design structures to clear the path for strategy delivery.


Original thinking with academic rigour applied to practical problems of changing behaviour in projects. Some of our original research published in leading academic journals, conferences, and magazines.

Changing Culture in Engineering-based Organisations

Cultural Change

Changing Culture in Engineering-based Organisations

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Leadership Decision Making

How the Political Elite Make Decisions

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Short thought pieces on topical subjects in organisational behaviour.