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Start-up a PMO by satisficing

Step away from the spreadsheets, but don't aim for perfection.

If you’re running your PMO with spreadsheets, the data is either old, unreliable, or just missing. And you're chasing people to manually update data. The effort involved in maintaining something this fragile can be exhausting, and trust in the PMO as the source of truth will not be high.

You don't need to find the right solution, get your data clean and improve your processes before you move away from that thin tissue of Excel stretched over finance systems.

Satisficing, or taking what’s good enough is an approach that deals well with the opportunity cost of perfectionism, helps crystalise business needs, and clears some of the noise around decision-making.

If you satisfice, a good PMO can be up and running within ten to 12 weeks from kick-off, meeting roughly 80% of your needs with pre-populated templates, standard management reporting and embedding good project management practice.

[Can you insert a clock or circumplex here please, divided into 6 equal segments as follows, gap analysis 1-2 weeks, remediation 2-3 weeks, mobilisation 0-1 week, build 2-4 weeks, train1 week, handover 0-1 week].


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