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Discovering what you need

Before you buy or build project decision-making capability, you should have a clear picture of precisely what it is you need, and to what level. To help you with this we have developed the Sein project decision-making capability diagnostic.

This design of this diagnostic has been informed by the relevant project management standards, a systematic academic review of peer reviewed journals, and decades of experience with senior decision-makers.

The Sein diagnostic has four key elements.

  1. 1. Plan

    Engaging with strategy formulation, informing its design and enabling its delivery

  2. 2. Govern

    Ensuring that the organisation has the resources and skills necessary to deliver the strategy

  3. 3. Deliver

    Managing portfolio level risks to strategy delivery, e.g.interdependencies, issues if they arise and assessing the quality of delivered products

  4. 4. Support

    Being the single source of truth for performance reporting and product configuration.

Maturity Levels

There are six maturity levels in the tool, ranging from level 0 where the competency is ad-hoc or unknown through to level 5 where the competency is stable and flexible. The assessment provides a gap analysis between where your competencies are now and where you want them to be.

  • 0.

    Ad hoc and unknown
  • 1.

    Unpredicable and reactive
  • 2.

    Managed on the project level
  • 3.

    Proactive, rather than reactive
  • 4.

    Managed and controlled
  • 5.

    Stable and flexible


While the circumplex is a central part of the output, we also provide a detailed dive into your decision-making in the form of graphical output for each of the four dimensions as you can see below:





With this diagnostic you will be able to:

– Understand the gaps between your current capability and your desired capability
– Understand and leverage your decision-making strengths
– Highlight capabilities that inhibit your decision-making
– Identify areas you should focus on for better decision-making

Your can then focus on the areas and initiatives that are most needed to create momentum in making better project decisions.

How we work with you

We project manage the research, collect, and interpret the data and validate our findings with your key stakeholders. We help you with proof point identification, artefact targeting, and key stakeholder engagement before rolling out the diagnostic.

Once complete, you'll receive a dispassionate view of your project decision-making capability from an independent third party. We also assist with stakeholder feedback once complete.

With your support we can report back in as little as five days from kick-off.

Additionally, if required there's the option of a high-level implementation planning workshop with stakeholders to identify next steps.

If needed, the diagnostic can also be used as a self-assessment tool to give you a rapid review of capability. The output is the circumplex, the bar charts, and a generalised workbook to help you interpret the results and explore areas for improvement. And while the output will be highly subjective representing your view alone, it will give you a sense of where development opportunities might lie, and where further research might be targeted.

We can give you access to the self-assessment tool through our portal and deliver a standard report and workbook in less than 24 hours in PDF format. Please contact us for further details.


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