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Scale-up with a heuristic

The problem of too much complexity

You have a PMO but there's a vague sense that it's not delivering enough value. It should be helping the business cope, but somehow it's not. Nor is there consensus about what the problem is, precisely.

Formal diagnostics don't help much. We have one but rarely use it in such situations. The problem is complexity, and a diagnostic adds to that complexity by delivering even more information. You need a heuristic, a rule of thumb, to cut through the noise.

The key to PMO maturity is understanding which business outcome you want to improve. It's likely you won't have a clear answer, or one that's widely supported. So to help you through this we follow a standard approach of define, design, and deliver.

As we prefer short, discrete engagements, we agree a value delivery map with you and deliver in 3–4 week sprints.

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